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work: website
client: Garuda Frequent Flyer
story: customer service enhancement facility

work: promotional website
client: Lexus Indonesia
story: brand online exposure

work: facebook fanpage
client: Nias Bangkit
story: Social Media Activation

work: promotional website
client: Teh Sosro
story: community based website

work: corporate website
client: PT TIMAH Indonesia
story: transferring corporate image

work: promotional website
client: Vita Charm
story: brand online exposure

As a leading and respected airline in Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia has appointed us to cater the needs to enhance its customer service which focused on its frequent flyer members. Features to simplify the process in ticketing, promo informations and various programs were developed to enhance Garuda Indonesiaís customer service to the higher level.

We are appointed by Lexus Indonesia to develop a promotional website to support the brand penetration in Indonesia. The website contents were tailored to create a distinctive atmosphere that represents the brand Lexus itself. Every single detail, were made carefully to meet the same luxurious level.

Nias Bangkit is a movement, a tribute to a specific Nias Culture inspired by a group of people who care about local culture. We are in task of generating mutual and quality conversations inside the facebook fanpage to generate love and pride towards the culture of Nias.

We have developed a community site for Teh Sosro, a popular F&B brand in Indonesia. The www.qualitealife.com contains many informations and features that is valuable for its segment target. Aiming to search for rich market insights and to build a stronger chemistry between Teh Sosro and tea lovers, the microsite is maintained by a dedicated team with the same passion and interests towards a quality life.

PT TIMAH is one of the major mining corporations in Indonesia. The corporate website were developed with a mission which is to transfer the companyís great vision towards the industry and its essential role in Indonesia. We came into a deep conversation with the executives and draw four major priority issues, which are corporate sustainability, economic contribution, future management, and CSR.

Orang Tua Group appointed us to assist their new product promotion, Vita Charm. The microsite was developed to represents the productís values as health product and a part of lifestyle. The tone of the microsite was leverage to build a fun-cheerful atmosphere.