my belief:

In life,
we all have to fight,
forging ahead,
striving for excellence,
and letting go mediocrity.

Doing what we love,
following the path
we believe in.

Leading, coaching, teaching,
asking, learning, absorbing,
trying, doing, experimenting,

playing, destroying,
building, running and fighting,
on and on, ad invinitum.

Despite all the difficulties,
in Indonesian economic turmoil,
i choose to continue my journey...

Stomping forward,
embracing new frontiers,
dancing with the future.

Racing tru time,
materializing some dreams.

Along the way,
I make some friends,
and pick some happiness.

Surabaya, 1999.


CV Micronet (since 1986, Surabaya);
PT. Harrisma Wisesajaya (Surabaya);
CV. Widya Wisesa (Balikpapan);
PT Harrisma Dewatajaya (Denpasar);
Wearnes Education Center (a computer training center in Malang, 2 offices);
PT.Kompakindo Media Dewata (Surabaya).

Gift items business:
As the assistant to the CEO (my WIFE) :
Starting Pipiland Gift Shops in 1987:
2 shops at Galaxy Mall (Surabaya);
Shop (230 m2) at Tunjungan Plaza (Surabaya);
Newest one (dec.1998) in KUTA SQUARE-Bali.
A distribution of gift items in Jakarta,
supplying major department stores;
A polyresin-based gift items manufacturing facility for export.

New Ventures:
www.sam-design.com (Nov 98),
a graphic /web design company
selling through the net;
Kuta Royal (Bali, 1998),
an exclusive housing complex in
the heart of Kuta - Bali with 5-star facilities ;
Bali-Bale (1999),
an Indonesian handicraft and furniture company for export.


Chairman of the Indonesian Students
in Taichung - Taiwan, (1981-1982);
Being in the WHO'S WHO IN
President of Rotary Club
Surabaya Metropolitan, (1992);
Charter member and founder of International Brotherhood of Magician, Ring 321, (1992);
Chairman of East Java Association of Computer Businessmen, (1997-1999);



A CAFE with a unique twist of MAGIC and HORROR idea, preferably in BALI;
Any new net-based biz ;
An exclusive training center of Batik /Indonesian handicraft in Ubud - Bali.

Outside the money-circle:
Doing seminars/lectures (already starting) on internet evangelism and entrepreneurship;
Writing in newspapers/magazine or publishing a book or writing in the net (starting);
Travelling the planet earth;
Going to the sea and enjoying the sun!!!

"the real value of DESIGN,
i presume,
is whether we live more deliciously
for the presense of it....."

e-mail me at:
Tanadi Santoso

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Name: Tanadi Santoso;
Born: Planet e@rth, circa 1961;
Status: Married, has 2 great kids;
Education: B.Eng (Civil Engineering)
Univ. Feng Chia (Taiwan);
hobby: starting new businesses, reading,
internet-surfing, close-up magic.

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